Friday, February 3, 2012

It’s good advice to a nice neckline

Ah, the chest! Very symbol of femininity but it’s also a source of pride for many complexes for many of us. Too small, too big, too droopy, too much like it, not enough like that ... Yes, our breasts we sometimes lead a hard life and unfortunately, we are doing them well.

We do not propose today to take a miracle cure for three sizes of bra or waking up to the chest skin is not being kept secret for us little that we are ungrateful but rather that this secret does not exis! Rather it offers some good tips for taking care of your breasts as they deserve, preserve, pampered, this is a step towards a nice chest.

A beautiful bust starts with a bra just right. The size must be the right one hand, but the shape of the bra should be adapted to your breasts. Generous breasts prefer such a well fitting bra with straps wide enough for good support while small chests can afford the blindfold or the triangle. To choose a good bra, nothing likes that of being advised by a vendor. They are trained to help you find your size and shape that best suits your needs.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hair: a good iron to curl

If the hair to smooth frizz almost always make recipe, loops back in force and add femininity, volume and movement to the hair trends of the moment. Small tight curls, voluminous large curls, waves, curling irons offer many opportunities and we are changing the famous smooth, nothing like an evening, an appointment.

The good news is that Curling Tongs have made great progress over the chains of our grandmothers who were damaging the hair for a lot not very convincing result, today's ceramic coating for temperature controlled, and loppers have any material pro.

Here is a selection of the best irons to curl the time to put a touch of fantasy in your hairstyles.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Nail polish, the color of the moment

Was a time not so long ago, when the best-selling colors for nail polish ran between pink and red? Not very original but it’s feminine and timeless. While the followers of nails red lipstick can rest assured, these shades are a classic, but now the trend, it is the "new colors". Taupe, beige, brown, gray, the colors ... now lining the nails of fashions’ and quite frankly, we love the effect.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

lift color

PROBLEM: You tried to lighten your own hair and it turned an undesirable color.

WHAT PROBABLY HAPPENED: You tried to color your hair beyond its natural lifting ability. For example, you tried to become a blonde, but you are a brunette. Hair can only lift so many shades with one process.

SOLUTION: If you have any artificial color in your hair, use a color remover to remove the artificial color first. Do not use bleach, bleach is for natural color, not artificial color. If you do not remove as much artificial color as you can first, the artificial color will penetrate deeper into the hair shaft and make matters worse.

Basic rules of hair color

Color is a very complex issue and very few stylists do it well, much less doing it yourself. For this reason alone we do not recommend that you color or try to remedy color problems yourself. The results can be traumatic, expensive, and take years to correct.

Listed below are some of the basic rules of color. Print the list out so that you can refer back to it. In this section we could only address a limited number of color disasters, but the information should be useful to you in the future.


1. Consult a color wheel. Hair is science and color science is based on the color wheel. For example the opposite of orange is blue, etc.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Beauty Questions & Answers- Part-3


I love the way tall boots look but I’m only 5’1”. How can I wear them without my legs looking even shorter?


First of all, keep your boot height to a minimum. Tall boots are chic, but pettites should never buy boots that go past the knee. In other words, over-the-knee pairs definitely won’t work for you. You won’t look very chic if you get that squatting effect everyone looks down on.

Beauty Questions & Answers- Part-2


I’m having a holiday party, how can I get my crush to come?


Oooooh, Cyberteena luvs parties; in fact, some of my friends call me Party Girl! But OK, enough about me. There’s nothing better than being there with the guy who rocks your world. You’ve got to make sure he gets the message… Spread the word about your bash, and make sure he and his closest buds find out. Next try to entice the object of your affection with an added bonus, like tons of fab free food or a grab-bag. If he still doesn’t show, get one of your friends to call him during the party (make sure it sounds extra-loud and fun in the background) and have her tell him to stop by because it’s THE place to be. Good luck…and do a dance for me!

Beauty Questions & Answers- Part-1


I got pedicures all summer, but I don’t really pay attention to my feet once it gets cold. Is this bad?


Your feet are your business, but I suggest moisturizing them frequently in the winter when they get very dry. Buy yourself an at-home pedicure kit (like Creative Nail Design Spa Pedicure) or treat your feet to a reflexology pedicure once a month during the winter on a scheduled beauty night; it will feel heavenly and give your toes a chance to breathe between layers of socks and confining snow boots. Plus, they’ll be that much prettier when that special guy wants to give them a rub down.

The moves to combat the downfall of degrees

Even though the weather outside is frightful, you will look tres delightful — has all the moves to combat the downfall of degrees.

If your face feels dry, itchy or scratchy, ditch the sandpaper status and soften up with a collection of products designed to weather the storm. Clarins Cleansing Milk with Alpine Herbs contains chamomile, wheat germ and almond plus the exclusive Bio Ecoia complex (whatever the secret formula is, it's okay by me); finish with alcohol-free Toning Lotion for Dry/Normal skin to soothe and refresh your face while getting rid of the rest of the dirt and grime.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

For a beautiful bit of natural color

Your complexion is a bit sallow, and those circles!!!!!, so we had like to see you try Cover Girl Ultimate Finish Liquid Powder Makeup. Not only will it even out the skin tone, this make-up acts as a foundation, concealer in powder in ONE!!!

For a beautiful bit of natural color we recommend Checkers Blush in a soft shade called BRICK ROSE applied to the apples of the cheeks and brushed on in a diagonal stroke to your earlobes and around the hairline. Try it for a natural glow that looks totally natural and is slimming too!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Late summer hair and skin survival tips

In the Nick of Time for Color-Treated or Damaged Hair:

Minimize sun and salt water damage to color treated hair by slathering on a deep-conditioner like Aesop's Rose Hair Masque and leaving on during the day. Normally used as a rinse out treatment, a high-protein product will act as a barrier between hair and the elements when applied after a morning shower and rinsed out at night. Ideal in resort situations when you wear your hair in a pony anyway.

Our solution to reducing the damage caused to hair by daily blow-drying is to replace your regular dryer with a diffuser. A diffuser creates gentle heat rather than bursts of hot air. After shampooing, comb hair gently into shape and wrap with a clean, dry towel. Let towel soak up moisture for at least ten minutes.

Hair today, woebegone tomorrow

If anyone has mistaken your hair for a straw hat lately, we understand. "Even the most attentive, expensive hair care regimen can get blown out of the water by summer's abuses," says Christopher Mackin, Teratology Director of the famed Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon in New York City.

"Sun, heat, chlorine, hair color, over drying, and product buildup all conspire to mess up your tresses," Mackin says. His advice "Take all the time you save with easy, breezy summer hairstyles and put it into extra hair care."

Summertime means summer shine

Its late summer in the Northern Hemisphere and your skin is gushing like a West Texas oil well. "Any complexion, not just oily or combination skin can get much oilier during the summer," says Dr. Debra Wattenberg, a dermatologist at Beth Israel Hospital in New York City. "Your skin takes a summer vacation, too."

"Heat jump-starts your oil glands, but the real culprit is summertime humidity," says Dr. Wattenberg. "It causes skin's natural moisture and perspiration to evaporate more slowly, leaving more oil on top."

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Creating a Winter look

A more dramatic and beautifully bright palette of color brings out the best of each of advice how to creating a winter look that's both classic and unexpected!

Evening allure is all about playing with color and finishes and learning the proper placement for each one and applying ‘Snow Blossom’ Eye Enhancer to the entire lid and onto the top of the cheekbone.

I use a frosty shade of ‘Sterling Blue’ from lash line to eye crease and blend it around under the bottom lashes too and use a bendable eye pencil in ‘Midnight Blue’ close to the top lashes to open up the eye and make them brighter.”

New products, shades and application advice

Your complexion seems a little uneven to me, so I'd like to see you try L'Oreal's new Feel Perfecta All-Day Coverage Makeup in Golden Beige. Not only will it even out the skin tone, this make-up stays on all day . . . so no need to retouch!

With great cheekbones, the last thing you want to do is put too much cheek color UNDER the bone. It can make you look gaunt and tired. I recommend Visuelle Blush in a sunny shade called Bronze Soleil applied to the apples of the cheeks and around the hairline. Try it for a natural glow that takes no time at all!

The drug store, shades and application advice

Your complexion is a bit sallow, and those circles!!!!!, so I'd like to see you try Cover Girl Ultimate Finish Liquid Powder Makeup. Not only will it even out the skin tone, this make-up acts as a foundation, concealer in powder in ONE!!!

For a beautiful bit of natural color I recommend Checkers Blush in a soft shade called BRICK ROSE applied to the apples of the cheeks and brushed on in a diagonal stroke to your earlobes and around the hairline. Try it for a natural glow that looks totally natural and is slimming too!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Frosty looks of winter

Bring on the frosty days of winter, here in the / says the newest day looks all get their warmth and fire from shades of bronze, gold and even orange!

Foundation should provide an even base, but still let the texture and glow of your natural skin tone show through,” says B.J. “I recommend a liquid make up like Cover Girl Clean Makeup to get glowing and provide protection from the elements!

Stroke on a bold shade of shimmers shadow from lash to eye crease to start your winter look. (We used ‘Glazed Ginger’ from the Dramatics Collection) Blend a deep brown liner close to the top and bottom lash lines to bring attention your lashes too!

Beautiful feminine attention to the female form in spring

Shear flowing garments in silks, satins and flowing see through fabrics give beautiful feminine attention to the female form! Look for orange, blue and green to lead the color pack with authority . . . whether used as a primary, a pastel or a clever metallic over glaze, unexpected color and natural nuances take center stage in fashion and on face!

Spring’s mouth takes a two step approach to polished perfection, using a classic shade first and followed with and unexpected nuance gloss to tone and tame the perfect pout! We used a fresh pinky-bronze shade to bring out a natural accent .

Accent the warmth of all lipsticks with an over glazing of sun shiny yellow! We used Lip silks to give radiance and soft light to the lip tone.

Facing up to the holidays

Facing up to the holidays has never been easier OR more beautiful! Here are some quick tips from the beauty elves at to give you the leading edge under the mistletoe this year!

Forget the classic holiday make-up looks and get daring with a bit of smoke and fire! Use a super-shiny shade of crimson or berry on the lid and blend into a haze from lash line to brow bone.

Lashes look best in basic black, curl them well for added impact, and sweep your eye shadow under the lower lash line, encircling the eye with unexpected heat!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Creating your prefect cut

Receding Chin:

Keep the hair about 1 1/2 to 2 inches below the jaw line or pulled back on the nape of the neck." (We'd like to add that earrings would be more flattering here and the neckline should not come up too high - a scooped neckline or open collar would help create the needed balance.)

Double Chin:

Same guidelines apply as for the receding chin, (but if you like wearing your hair pulled up or back, try allowing some tendrils (hair strands) to fall from the sides of the face down to the neck. They can be curly or wavy, if the hair is straight, have it trimmed at an angle for a tapered effect."